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Opening to the World—Invitation to View Ancient Maps

World Map (2nd French edition) by Joan Blaeu (1667)

40th Anniversary Exhibition: History of Our Collection Part 4
Regular Exhibition

Opening to the World—Invitation to View Ancient Maps

February 11 (Sat.), 2023 – March 26 (Sun.)

This is part of the exhibition series from the Kuboso Collection, commemorating the 40th anniversary of the museum, and featuring the fifth generation Kuboso Collection. This collection consists of ancient maps collected by the honorary director, Tsunehiko Kubo, and Yukio Kubo and Shohei Kubo, and donated in 2009 by the Toyota Kubo Group.
The highlights of the exhibition will be the very rare Geography (Latina edition) by Ptolemaeus, one of only 39 copies throughout the world, and World Map in 12 volumes by Blaeu (2nd French edition). This will provide an opportunity to learn how the world was displayed on maps created by great cartographers like Ortelius and Mercator, as well as how Japan was viewed in the world. There are also some fine examples of Japanese maps.

Geography (Latina edition) by Ptolemaeus (1478)
Orbis Terrarum by Plancius (1594)
Map of Japan by Bordone (1528)
Map of Japan (1654)
Illustrated Descriptions of Three Countries by Shihei Hayashi (1785)


Opening Hours 10:00 am-5:00 pm (Last admission: 4:30 pm)