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The Tosa School and Sumiyoshi School—The Majesty and Wit of Yamatoe

Genji Monogatari Senmen Harimaze Byobu Attributed to Tosa Mitsunori Edo period

Special Exhibition

The Tosa School and Sumiyoshi School—The Majesty and Wit of Yamatoe

October 13, 2018 (Sat.) – December 2 (Sun.)

This exhibition will be held in connection with exhibitions at the Osaka Municipal Museum of Art (in 2017) and Sakai City Museum (October 2018). The exhibition focuses on the Tosa School of painters and the Sumiyoshi School, a later branch in the Momoyama period, both of which had been based in the Izumi area. The two schools were devoted to yamatoe, paintings specializing in techniques derived from ancient Japanese art. Much of the subject matter came from stories and waka poems, and the compositions used rich coloring. This exhibition provides an overview of yamatoe, and how it changed from the Muromachi to Edo periods, with a focus on the painters Tosa Mitsunori and Sumiyoshi Jokei, who had roots in the Izumi region.

Major Works to Be Exhibited

Jitsugetsu Shokakuzu Byobu (Important cultural property) Muromachi period Mitsui Memorial Museum

Shiki Kachozu Byobu (Important cultural property) Attributed to Tosa Hirochika Muromachi period Suntory Museum of Art

Horikawa Yo-uchi Ekotoba by Sumiyoshi Jokei Edo period Tokyo National Museum

Genji Monogatari Tekagami (An Album of Illustrated Scenes from The Tale of Genji) by Tosa Mitsuyoshi Edo period Kuboso Memorial Museum of Arts, Izumi


Opening Hours 10:00 am—5:00 pm (Last admission: 4:30 pm)