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Gold and Silver Ornaments—Decorative Crafts of Japan and China

Sword guard with a warrior design

Regular Exhibition

Gold and Silver Ornaments—Decorative Crafts of Japan and China

November 28 (Sun.) – December 26 (Sun.), 2021 & January 5 (Wed.) – 23 (Sun.), 2022

This exhibition mainly features decorative metallic crafts created from ancient to modern times in Japan and China, with the main focus on sword guards produced between the Muromachi and Edo Periods in Japan and belt buckles produced between the Warring States and Han Periods in China. Despite the differences in countries and periods, all the items have distinctive designs with elaborate gold and silver craft techniques employed. The exhibition includes around 150 pieces from our collection, showcasing the extravagance of the times. These pieces include golden accessories from the ancient Kofun (tumulus) period and sword parts, such as hilts, used by warriors during the civil-war periods in Japan, as well as gold and silver accessories and gold-coated bronze horse riding tools in China.

Golden earrings, Kofun (tumulus) period of Japan
Sword guard with an iris design, Momoyama period
Sword guard with a warrior design, Edo period
Sword hilt with a dragon design, Edo period
Bronze belt buckle with a dragon and phoenix design with gold and silver inlay, Warring States period of China
Bronze belt buckle overlayed with gold and silver with an animal design, Warring States period of China
Silver hair accessory coated with gold and a flower and foliage design, Three Kingdoms period to Northern and Southern Dynasties period of China


Opening Hours 10:00 am-5:00 pm (Last admission: 4:30 pm)